Boxy Boxers

                      New Families and Past Litters



  On this page you can see many of our pups with their new families, as well as some shots of our past litters

Roxy & Hanks Feb 2010 Litter

Trixie now named Lilly with her new family


Hank Jr

 Roxy & Hanks October 2010 Litter
Chubbo Now named Chase
Big Red

This guy was Big Red from Roxy and Hanks Oct 2010 Litter.  Now named Rambo. He is the spittin image of his Dad. Such a handsome boy.
Baby & Ace's May 2011 Litter Below
Oodles of Puppies


Jazz with his new Family

Now named Bishop


Bishop currently 6 months old. So cute in his sweater.

A little video they made of Bishop.  He is such a smart boy.
Sire with his new family
Puppy Love 
Diva now lives in Coolidge AZ,  with her new family.

 York at his new home. 

He is such a Handsome Boy

York   He looks so much like his mamma.







Sassy now named Chloe

  Notice the tissue she is chewing












 Here is a video of Bolt sent to us by his new family.







Baby and Ace's January 2012 Litter.

This litter was named after famous old movie stars.

Clark Gable
Now named Enzo by his new family. Here he is in his new bed in his new home.








Humphrey Bogart

Spencer Tracy

Doris Day

Ginger Rogers

Audrey Hepburn 



(formerly known as Bette Davis)
Hi ,
Hope you and your family are doing well.
Just wanted to give you an update on Abbey.
She just got spade last Monday and is doing very well. She has grown so fast and so big we just can’t believe it. She is 40 pounds! She is almost as big as our 7 year old Boxer.
Last weekend we put her in the pool and she loves it. She didn’t want to get out. She tries to bite the water as she’s swimming. It’s hilarious to watch.
Next time we put her in I will try to remember to take a video of it and send it to you.
She sure likes the water... She even bites the hose when we are trying to water.
She has truly been a joyful addition to our family.
We can’t wait to see Sampson’s puppies.
Have a great day!
Take Care!
Thank you,



Roxy and Hank's 2012 Spring Litter





Beatrice in her video above.  

















Well, we made it home safely with our new Bailey. She is such a lover. We got her on the grass at
the local city park tonight when we got back so she could piddle. She really enjoyed the lawn and

rolled and jumped in it and seemed very happy.

She got to meet our two Boxers at a safe distance once we got home and we will keep it that way
for several days so no one gets carried away and hurt.
I don't remember you telling us that Bailey was a lap dog but sure enough, you need a pry bar to
get her out of our laps. She is so cute.

We should be taking pictures of her right along and when we feel comfortable putting her with our
other two "kids" we will send you a picture of all three together.
Thank you for allowing us to be able to adopt Bailey and we will take great care of her.













Willy and I wanted to send you guys some pictures of "Brandy" now named Khaleesi. She is an absolute sweetheart! She is a lot calmer than I thought she would be, which is very nice. She has brought so much joy to our lives. We took a road trip back to the Chicagoland area, where we are from, and she got to meet all of our friends and family. She swam in a lake, went boating and played with lots of other dogs!

Here are some recent pictures. Feel free to put them on the website if you wish!

Thank you guys!

Shana and Willy










 We just wanted to update you guys on our little Opie (formerly
Brutus). He is SO much fun and so very cute. We are the proudest
parents ever. He's getting so BIG! He weighed in at 13.5 pounds, 2
weeks ago and is even bigger at almost 12 weeks! He loves people so
much, especially children! He also loves other dogs, big and small! We
take him for playdates often with some of his "cousins" and also try
to take him to the park every evening. He's a little spit fire and
loves to get into mischief but is so cute, we can never be mad at him.

Thank you guys so much for bringing this little angel into our lives!
We love him to pieces and will take very good care of him.

Elyse, Dave, and Opie !

PS- He looks a lot like his mom and dad, don't you think?









This little guy has been given the name Roci by his new family. He is going to be a big boy.






Lady and Sampson's 7/13/2012 litter









See Luna in her Video above.




Now named Luna
Hi Rachel--here's a foto for your enjoyment--she's settling in great and has mastered the dog run and the dog
We are all so very happy to have her in our family.

Hope all is well with you!
Luna (formerly Brooklyn) is such a wonder little dog! We have nicknamed her the "little piggy" and she has the sweetest personality. Enjoy the video. We'll try to keep them coming as she continues to grow.









Now named Berrett







This is Danica, the new owner of Rocky, now named Barrett. I just wanted to send you an update and let you know that he is doing great! He is so precious to us and we absolutely love having him in our family. He is such a joy to be around and he is such a smart and loving puppy. We are already working on teaching him to sit and shake hands, and he loves to snuggle during nap time. Thank you so much! I have attached some pictures of him, as promised.

Thanks again!

P.S.- he transferred puppy food very well and has been eating like a champ.

































 Rachel & Jessica,

Wanted to send you a picture update of Jersey! He’s settling in to his new home and we are loving every minute of it. The boys just love him…sometimes a little too much. I feel I’m having to train them more than the dog! All in all, it’s going well.











 Little Bronx in his video








Maybel and Bears September 2012 Litter

















This girl has been given the name May May by her new family.











This guy has been given the name Loki by his new family.







 Loki and MayMay at their new Vet.


Loki and May May 6 months old. Loki is not the runt anymore.








This girl has been given the name Holley by her new family.






This guy has been given the name Brock by his new family.




Holley & Brock have been doing great! They are sleeping through the night and have made themselves at home. Last night we went to our friends and they had a play date


Oh boy!  He weighed in @ 19lbs today and she weighs 17.2lbs.   I believe they are well feed.     They love going to our local feed store




Holley at 5 months old



 Brock at 5 months old







Lady and Bear's Spring 2014 Litter

 This litter was theme named after Disney characters .



 Woody photo 103_0939_zps443d6bc8.jpg

 Woody now named Rambo lives with his new family nearby in AZ City 





 Bolt photo 103_0951_zpse4c7572e.jpg

Bolt now living in New Mexico with his family




 Buzz photo 103_0942_zpsed612de6.jpg

 Buzz now named Fenway by his new family. 




 Olaf photo 103_0949_zps23f05d42.jpg

Olaf now named Tazz by his new family





 Lelo photo 103_0960_zps8f7ba654.jpg

 Lelo now named Nala by her new family in Virinia






  photo Hollysweater_zpsb0091789.jpg


Now living with Susie Q and her family.






 photo 103_0957_zps989ade91.jpg

Belle now named Misty lives with her new mom. Also in the family is a Boxer named Bella and a Boston terrier named Jill





 Aurora photo 103_0955_zps4dbacdda.jpg

Aurora now with her new family in Phoenix AZ



 Ariel photo 103_0941_zpsffa169a2.jpg

 Ariel now lives in Phoenix AZ with her new family




 Lady and Bear's Fall litter.  This is their last litter together.

We theme named them after Candies


  photo 103_13931_zpsd273d0a8.jpg

Rolo now living in Phoenix AZ with his new family





 photo 103_13991_zps7ca822c5.jpg

Heath now living in Phoenix AZ with his new family.  .





 photo Skyrim_zps1811d88d.jpg

Now Skyrim.

Living with her new family Suzie Q and her family in Phoenix AZ .





 photo Halo_zpsb3713267.jpg


Now living with Brandon Fields and his family

 photo BrandywineandRiven_zps365714a5.jpg

 Brandywine and Rivendell 

Owned by Amanda and Michael Welnick

Riven is from our Titus and Maybel litter.  Brandy got a big sister