Boxy Boxers

                                         Meet Dorcas, Mikah and Lady



Meet Dorcas (aka Dee)

Dee came to us from here in AZ. She has a very sweet personality and has a gorgeous red coat with a black face.  She is aprox 55 lbs and is an athlete.  She has great drive and loves to run. We are so happy to have her in our family. 


 photo 103_13061_zpsd5e95c49.jpg





 photo 103_13071_zpscfc26f48.jpg




 photo 103_13091_zpse098fa70.jpg



 photo 103_13111_zps0389b00b.jpg












Meet Mikah

Mikah is new to our family. She is a clown and loves to play.  Ball is her favorite activity. She gets along with everyone and very submissive to other dogs. She is a gorgeous dark red fawn with the classic dark mask. She also has a big build and is one of our larger girls. She is between 55-60 lbs. We are very happy to have her in our family. 

  photo 000_0814_zps8d8c3yap.jpg


 photo 000_0811_zpsqvrtjc7n.jpg


  photo 000_0804_zpszmvzzvp0.jpg







Meet Lady (Retired)

Lady is a sweet girl with a fun personality.  She is a little on the small side, but her personality makes up for that. This girl is spunky and loves to play.   Lady is retired and living the life of a house dog.